ADLV Background

Welcome to our Association website
The purpose for which the Association is established is to promote and encourage best practice within industry with reference to the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement through the process of driving licence checking by responsible employers or contractors in order to satisfy the duty of care and corporate responsibility owed to their employees and other road users.

The Association was founded in 2014 from those companies who were contracted to use the DVLA Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service (EDECS).

EDECS users had already formed a group and had regular meeting with DVLA officials however it was implied that government departments should deal with Associations.

If you require driving licence verification please review our Members list or complete our Enquiry form and we will be in touch by return.

Who we are
It is estimated that there are approximately 8 million UK citizens driving for work for approximately 1.7 million companies. At the time of our inception the membership was checking in the region of 25% of those drivers.

The Association committee is made up of 5 Board members and the Approved Operators list shows the current ADLV members.