ADLV Members Meet GDPR Compliance Rules Deadline

With the support of the DVLA, the ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) now sees the ‘light at the end of the GDPR transition tunnel’. Recent GDPR based changes announced by the DVLA, meant that over 2 million drivers were required to grant new driving licence data check permissions to their fleet operator by the 25th August.  After this date no scheduled rechecks can take place using the former methods putting many drivers at risk of infringing company rules and policies until they comply.

With member companies collaborating closely as the new compliance rules came into force, the vast majority of the new mandates will have been checked and processed by the deadline, but some employers remain surprisingly complacent.

The new GDPR regulation deadline which applies to all private and public sector organisations processing Personal Data from the DVLA was seen as an incredibly narrow window by many industry observers. Fleet managers, who are legally obliged to check a drivers’ entitlement to drive, were potentially under enormous pressure to hit the August deadline.  To achieve this, ADLV members and their customers needed to ensure that the new fair processing declaration required under the new data protection legislation was seen and approved by each driver.

To ease the burden, ADLV member companies, who facilitate online licence data checking, contacted their customers promptly to advise on the new compliance requirements.

According to Terry Hiles, Deputy Chair of the ADLV, “The introduction of GDPR was a major challenge for the DVLA as the Agency managing this personal data and indeed for the driving licence checking industry itself. From a compliance perspective, all employers and third parties who are responsible for licence checking are now required to demonstrate that the new fair processing declaration has been agreed by the driver. Evidence of this needs to be stored securely in a way that can subsequently be audited thoroughly by the DVLA to ensure compliance with the new GDPR obligations. This is, in fact, excellent news for ADLV members as we are all ISO27001 accredited – and, even better, it raises the bar for security and data processing within the industry. Those organisations that are not data-secure will have to meet these exacting new standards. This is good news for both data subjects and the licence checking industry as a whole.”

“Whilst the GDPR transition has proved to be a mammoth task to be executed over an exceedingly tight timeframe, our members were always committed to ensuring that any processing is correct and complies fully with the new GDPR. In large part, with the very welcome support of the DVLA, the membership has been able to achieve this… albeit there may still be some housekeeping with outstanding customers required for some time to come.”

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